This innovative flush glaze storefront framing system utilizes a dual pour and debridge thermal barrier that provides outstanding energy efficiency.  Available in either shearblock or screw spline construction, the 406X Series can be used with virtually all EFCO entrance systems and V410 vents. A variety of options are available for use with this system, including sunshade mullions. 

Shear block construction
Ability to erect on the job site
Screw spline construction
Allows assembly of sections prior to installation
The optional Roto-Vent ventilator
Allows fresh air into the room, yet maintains security
Uniform glazing gasket is used for exterior and interior
Allows optimized use of gasket
Screw spline construction
Decreases installation time
Accommodates up to 1 1/16" glazing
Expands design and energy savings options
Thermal barrier in frame consisting of two part, high density polyurethane
Improves U-Value performance and enhances energy saving potential
Accessory line of perimeter anchors, pocket fillers, door adaptors, etc.
Increased product versatility
Uniform glazing gasket is used for exterior and interior
Simplifies ordering and installation
Anodized and painted finishes available
Unlimited options to answer economic and aesthetic concerns