The 5500 curtain wall system is designed to meet the most demanding performance specifications. System 5500 utilizes the E-Strut™ thermal isolator, providing outstanding thermal properties and a total composite shape for enhanced structural performance. System 5500 offers dual finish capability to meet any design finish specification. The system also provides significant labor reductions since the pressure plate and cover do not require field assembly.

Acoustic Curtain Wall
Improved sound reduction - STC rating of 30 or greater
Various mullion depths available
Design flexibility
Accommodates up to 1" glazing
Expands design and energy savings option
Anodized and painted finishes available
Unlimited options to answer economic and aesthetic concerns
Mullion anchors are not required for "standard" construction
Easier installation
Screw spline construction
Allows assembly of sections prior to installation
Decreases installation time
Temporary glazing clips are not required
Field glazing is quicker
Less field labor required
Composite mullion
Eliminates traditional screw-on pressure plate and snap-on cover
E-Strut™ thermal isolator
Completely eliminates dry shrinkage
Improves thermal performance and enhances energy saving potential
Integral door adaptors
Compatible with all 1 3/4" EFCO doors
Contact EFCO Product Technical Services for 2" Doors
Splices and internal steel reinforcement
Multi-span capability
Accessory line of perimeter anchors, pocket fillers, door adaptors, etc.
Increased product versatility
Optional corner mullions
Allows 90° and 135° outside corners
Wide variety of snap-on face covers
Customize projects with face covers of various depths and profiles