Series D318 DuraStile™ - Series D518 DuraStile™
D318 Top Rail D518 Top Rail Series D318 DuraStile™ - Series D518 DuraStile™
Bottom Rail

EFCO DuraStile entrance doors are designed for educational facilities, detention centers and other facilities requiring security in high-traffic locations. DuraStile doors are joint plug welded at each corner to provide superior strength in all applications. Multiple glazing options allow the flexibility to meet specific design requirements. The ability to accommodate most hardware applications increases the versatility of this product. EFCO DuraStile entrance doors provide the complete solution for your fenestration needs.

Bracket reinforced and deep penetration welded corners
Meets or exceeds most specifications for commercial entrances
Accepts most major brands of locking hardware and panic devices
Able to comply with special hardware specifications
Accommodates up to 1" glazing
Flexibilty in design requirements for glazing
Accommodates all surface mounted, concealed overhead and floor closers
Unrestricted closer choices
Tall bottom rails available
Meets ADA requirements
Variety of cross rails, door sweeps, and crash bars available
Increases configuration options
Anodized and painted finishes available
Unlimited options to answer economic and aesthetic concerns