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Curtain Wall look.
Window System install.

The new EFCO 4500 Series offers the curtain wall look with the ease of a window system install.

Expansive views.
Natural lighting.

  • Installs from the inside of the building, providing time and labor savings

  • Single infill plane for both vision and spandrel areas of a building

  • Cost savings of a slab-to-slab framing system

  • Integral slab bypass provides maximum design flexibility

  • Accommodates a range of infill and insulation thickness at the face of the slab


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Features Benefits
4½" & 6" frame depth Provides design flexibility through a wide range of structural application needs
Vertically side-stacked units Narrow 3" vertical sightlines
Integral slab bypass Continues the same infill plan thru both vision and spandrel areas (6" system only)
Up to 2" of rigid insulation at face of slab
Accommodates insulated or monolithic glass, brakemetal or insulated panels
Slab-to-slab design Provides a cost-effective installation alternative to exterior-hung curtain wall products
Factory-glazed units Faster installation
Factory quality standards
90° inside and outside corners Allows for uninterrupted ribbon wall appearance
Interior, dry-glazed design Easy glass replacement from building interior